Green Bay Rackers Home Brew Club

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Join the Rackers

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Club Meetings

Business meetings are held on the first Saturday of the even months (Feb, April, Jume, August, October and December) at 1:00 PM. These are generally held at Titletown Brewing Company but may occassionally rotate to other breweries as the Green Bay brewing industry continues to grow. Rackers business meetings are open to the public.:

Club brews are held during the first week of the odd months. They are either held on a weekday evening or Saturday, depending on the brewer and the location.Time and place of the brews are announced via email to MEMBERS ONLY unless the brew is being hosted at the House of Hombrew or a local brewery. This is to protect the hosting member's privacy. There are generally two or three open club brews each year that are open to whoever wishes to attend.

What'll I Get?

As a new member you can attend all our meetings, participate in brewery tours, take part in competitions, and share brewing stories with some of the best homebrewers in the Green Bay area. Sound too good to be true? Well, that's not all! You will also receive a handsome Green Bay Rackers membership card (suitable for framing) which will entitle you to the following great discounts on brewing supplies:

  • 5% discount at House of Homebrew in Green Bay plus a special grain rate 
  • One free entry in the club's annual Titletown Open Homebrew Competition
  • Participation in the private club brews held at member's homes
  • Discounts of subscriptions to Brew Your Own and Winemaker magazines
  • Special pricing on Co2 refills at Van's Fire and Safety
  • A couple of free drinks at the club's annual winter holiday party (usually held in January.)

What'll It Cost Me?

Our annual dues are still a measly $25 per year. Dues run for a calendar year and are not pro-rated. Dues go to pay for this swell web site, copious commercial brews at each meeting, our Titletown Open homebrew competition, and other fun things. Think about it. You'll spend more than $25 per year on mosquito repellent here in Northern Wisconsin!

Great! How Do I Sign Up?

Click HERE (link pending) to sign up online (PayPal accepted) or just come to our next business meeting and sign up there. We guarantee that you will leave the meeting a better brewer. Our club members love sharing brewing secrets, not to mention some great homebrew. Don't put it off any longer, start brewing great beer today!

For more information about the Rackers, Contact Us or peruse this website.

Last Updated on Thursday, 09 June 2016 12:36  

Rackers Newsflash

This comes straight from the prez, I can't say it any better.

 First is the Green Bay Rackers Wine, mead and cider contest. In the past it has been held in December, But this time it will be held In January.

We do not have an exact date as of yet, but wanted to get this out so everyone can get a jump on getting their entries ready.

More details will be coming shortly, and will be posted here.

Next, We have info regarding the 2017 Titletown Open Homebrew contest. Dates have been set for April 26-29th 2017. Much more info can be found here at this site, regarding rules and other changes. So get those bigger brews brewing now!

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