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Welcome to the Green Bay Rackers Home Brew Club

2016 tto winners list

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Titletown Open XXII Results

April 30 2016

Sponsored by Green Bay Rackers

102 Entries

Best of Show
John Mulligan, Glass City Mashers Bark at Mai Bock 4C Helles Bock

Table 1 - Light/Golden Ales & Lagers (12 Entries)
1st - Joshua Weber, Madison,WI Kölsch 5B Kölsch
2nd - Tim Oelke, Bull Falls Homebrew Club Summerfest lager 2A International Pale Lager
3rd - Joe Yeado, Madison, WI Table Bier 26A Trappist Single

Table 2 - Mild Amber/Brown/Dark Beers (23 Entries)
1st - John Mulligan, Glass City Mashers Bark at Mai Bock 4C Helles Bock
2nd - Shawn LeGare, Green Bay Rackers toothless 27B Kentucky Common
3rd - Sarah Hoppa, Bull Falls Home Brewers Einhorn 7A Vienna Lager

Table 3 - Porters & Stouts (7 Entries)
1st - John Mulligan, Glass City Mashers Linda's Epic Oatmeal Stout 16B Oatmeal Stout
2nd - Shawn LeGare, Green Bay Rackers some o dis 27G Pre-Prohibition Porter
3rd - Mickey Wiskow, De Pere,WI Choka Noka 16A Sweet Stout

Table 4 - Hop-Forward Pale Ales (12 Entries)
1st - Fred Matzke, Green Bay Rackers Fred's Jan Club brew 12C English IPA
2nd - Ben Young, Green Bay Rackers Leeward Tent Sleeper IPA 21A American IPA
3rd - Jeff LeClair, Green Bay,WI Citaixy IPA 21A American IPA

Table 5 - Wheat/Rye/Other Grain Beers (4 Entries)
1st - Damian Slavik, Green Bay Rackers Murica F*** Yeah! 1D American Wheat Beer
2nd - Josh Jahnke, Green Bay Rackers Hefe Rocks 10A Weissbier
3rd - Robert Forseth, Badger's Den Brewing Hefe 31A Alternative Grain Beer

Table 6 - Strong Beers (14 Entries)
1st - Steve Masar, Greenville,WI Green Thumb Double IPA 22A Double IPA
2nd - Shawn LeGare, Green Bay Rackers Akatosh 17A British Strong Ale
3rd - Tony Brix, B N Army (BW) 2 Barley Wine 17A British Strong Ale

Table 7 - Belgian & French Ales (3 Entries)

1st - Fred Matzke, Green Bay Rackers Hot Blonde 25A Belgian Blond Ale
2nd - Mark Michel, Badgers Den Brewing Belgian Pale Ale 24B Belgian Pale Ale
3rd - Tim Mannion, Chicago,IL Belgian Blond Ale 24B Belgian Pale Ale

Table 8 - Fruit/Spice/Veg/Herb Beers (14 Entries)
1st - Damian Slavik, Green Bay Rackers Breakfast Stout 30A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer
2nd - Joe McGrath, Badgers Den Brewing Pumpkin Spice 30A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer
3rd - Ben Young, Green Bay Rackers Julius Pepper #8 30A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer

Table 9 - Specialty Beers (7 Entries)
1st - Tim Pfeister, Green Bay Rackers Wistucky Uncordial Stout 33B Wood-aged beer
2nd - Tyler Bethea, Saison Wikipedia 34B Mixed-style Beer
3rd - Matt Dixner-Young, Sturgeon Bay,WI Coffee Porter 34C Experimental Beer

Table 10 - Sour Beers (3 Entries)
1st - Tim Mannion, Chicago,IL Golden Sour 28B Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer
2nd - John Mulligan, Glass City Mashers Sour Loser 23A Berliner Weisse
3rd - Josh Jahnke, Green Bay Rackers Jahnke's Wild Weisse 23A Berliner Weisse

Table 11 - Rackers Annual Challenge (3 Entries)
1st - Josh Jahnke, Green Bay Rackers Party Guy Ale

Thanks to everyone that helped out and all that entered!

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Rackers Club Brew January 5th

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The Tuesday January 5th club brew will be held at the House of Homebrew. Fred will be starting around 5 pm. Come on down!



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First of all, many thanks to the following:

  1. Al Hendricks, the guy who set this whole thing up and did one helluva job including making good food!
  2. Jim Ploetz and Duck Creek Winery for hosting us AND for judging.
  3. Ralph Witte, Carl Johnson, and Steve Johnson for judging, and
  4. Paul Chambers, who along with Al, stewarded for the event.

And now, the winners:

Grape Wine Category

BOS - Frontenac gris white wine (Paul Chambers)

1st Place - Paul Chambers, Cabernet Sauvignon

2nd Place - Paul Chambers, Frontenac gris

3rd Place - Al Hendricks, Marquette/Petite Pearl

Specialty Wine Category

BOS - Pumpkin spice (Al Hendricks)

1st Place - Al Hendricks, Pumpkin spice

2nd Place - Paul Chambers,  Pear wine

3rd Place -  Raspberry, Al Hendricks

Specialty Wine Category

BOS - Chocolate Mead (John Parsons)

1st Place - John Parsons, Chocolate mead

2nd Place - Al Hendricks, Cinnamon mead

3rd Place -  John Parsons, Maple mead


Titletown Open XXI Results

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THANK YOU to everyone in the club who helped with this year's competition. There were a lot of positive things that happened with the change in venue and a few areas where we can improve things - but overall I believe it was a great competition. I would like to have seen more club members enter and our entries were down this year. The committee had some thoughts on changes for next year and will be meeting next month to discuss ideas. Here are the award winners:


Best of Show

Reserve Best of Show

Ben Young

Julius Pepper Beer

Joe Connolly

Light Lager

BEST OF SHOW (Cider/Mead)

Alex Falish

SK Cider

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Joe Connolly

Light Lager

Shawn Lager

Emotional Breakdown

Kevin Coenen

Czech Pils


Max Kehl


Max Kehl

Epic Fail Bock

Darren Vollmar



Shawn Lager


Joe Yeado

Baltic Porter

Max Kehl

The Iconian Gateway


Joe Connolly


John Parsons

Merged esb

Joe Connolly



Jeff Eaton

Forbiden Wit

Nick Sanders


No awards given


Jack Huens

Old Rasty


Max Kehl

Old S&M*

Jack Huens

Old Jack

Jasen Brown



Joe Yeado

Saison Brett

John Parsons

ooops a blonde

John Parsons

Maple BDG


Ben Young

Julius Pepper Beer

Marvin Falish

Chocolate Stout

Jeff Eaton

Grapefruit Wheat


Nathan Griepentrog

Black #1

Marvin Falish

Mackinaw Island Amber

Alex Falish


Honorable Mention

Al Hendricks

Apricot Blonde

Great beer and would have scored higher as a Fruit/Veg/Herb beer

*Two first places were awarded in this category due to a clerical error by the contest organizer. It was felt that the neither entrant nor the rightful 2nd & 3rd place contestants should be punished for that error.

I will have a complete report for the June meeting.


Bouncing Emails

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If you are a new member and are not getting emails from me, please email me at president @ I have a few new email addresses that are bouncing my emails merrily back to me. Thanks!

Last Updated on Friday, 06 June 2014 09:15

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Rackers Newsflash

This comes straight from the prez, I can't say it any better.

 First is the Green Bay Rackers Wine, mead and cider contest. In the past it has been held in December, But this time it will be held In January.

We do not have an exact date as of yet, but wanted to get this out so everyone can get a jump on getting their entries ready.

More details will be coming shortly, and will be posted here.

Next, We have info regarding the 2017 Titletown Open Homebrew contest. Dates have been set for April 26-29th 2017. Much more info can be found here at this site, regarding rules and other changes. So get those bigger brews brewing now!

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